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3 Digit TSA approved Padlocks
Stanley Travelmax Series
3 Digit red 30mm Zinc Security Indicator
Travel Locks
TSA approved padlocks are a must-have product for travelers. Locking your luggage with a TSA approved luggage lock helps to protect your possessions from theft, tampering and misuse by smugglers. Travel Sentry Approved padlocks can be opened and re-locked with a special key by the international security administration at every airport worldwide. The 3 Digit TSA approved padlocks feature a security indicator which shows you when your luggage was screened. Available in yellow, black and red color.
Belly bag
Camera case
Golf bag
Laptop bag
Code Change Instructions
Technical Data
Lock Size 30 mm
Product Materials Zinc
Product Textures ABS texture
Shackle Material Steel
Shackle Design Standard
Shackle Texture Nickel
Guarantee 10+5 years grey
Total Height mm 60.40
Body Width mm 30
Body Depth mm 14.1
Shackle Diameter mm 3